Spanish Apps for School 2

Enjoy these two additional apps in your classrooms or home. Increase your Spanish apps collection with our newest apps to improve your spelling skills and reading.

Brinca Palabras

Enjoy 42 different levels and 18 detailed spelling rules. In the first 18 levels, you will have the opportunity to review the spelling rule to follow for the words that appear in the game, you must detect whether the word is written correctly or not. From level 19 onwards, the challenge will be greater, since you will have to play directly with the previously learned or follow the hint Fibi provides. Perfect to play at the end of the class to reinforce your knowledge. For the older ones, it never hurts to remember some of the basic rules of writing, while having fun. There are over 1,400 words that can appear in the game, so you’ll have new words almost every time you play it.

Lee Paso a Paso 3

Enjoy this new application and continue with the learning exercises from the Lee Paso a Paso series. There are 8 levels, each one has more than 28 different syllables and the possibility to practice with over 200 words.
Listen to the pronunciation of each syllable and word as you play. There are configuration options to play without background music, and parental controls to configure/access other items in the app.

* Bundles do not qualify for Apple’s VPP program, each app must be purchased separately.

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