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Lee Paso a Paso with Beto is out!!!

Our new app is available in the App Store.

Due to the success of our award-winning app Lee Paso a Paso, we have created Lee Paso a Paso Beto. With this new app, you can follow the same methodology used with Lee Paso a Paso to start learning step by step to read in Spanish. Lee Paso a Paso Beto has a new theme and all new games. There are more words and pictures, as well are more syllables and levels to practice. The School Edition of our app has integration to apple’s Schoolwork and of course Apple’s volume discount.

Try the free version with in-app or buy the school edition full version without in-app. Both have the same content.

Let us know what you think!!

Lee Paso a Paso 3 is available !

Our new app is ready and available on the App Store.

Enjoy this new application and continue with the learning exercises from the Lee Paso a Paso series. There are 8 levels, each one has more than 28 different syllables and the possibility to practice with over 200 words. Listen to the pronunciation of each syllable and word as you play.

There are configuration options to play without background music, and parental controls to configure/access other items in the app.

Our biggest thanks to all schools and parents who have used our apps and helped us continue creating new ones. We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy our games and our children can continue to learn.


All ours apps were updated

We proudly to announce that all our products were updated:

1) Full compatibility with iOS 8.
Feel comfortable when you buy one of our apps, we upgrade our apps to the new apple technology.

2) Added to kids section.
We integrated all apps to kids section, we are commit to children\’s security inside ours apps.

We create new preview videos on App Store.