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Ortografía Paso a Paso is ready on App Store

The follow-up for the “Lee Paso a Paso” series is finally here. With “Ortografía Paso a Paso” learn through interactive games the basic rules for accentuation of the Spanish language.

Learn and practice the following concepts:

· Identifying the sílaba tónica
· Words classified as Agudas
· Words classified as Graves or Llanas
· Words classified as Esdrújulas
· Words classified as Sobreesdrújulas
· Accentuation of Agudas, Graves, Esdrújulas and Sobreesdrújulas words.
· Diptongos
· Hiatos

“5 apps to practice reading in spanish” – El Hispano News

From “El Hispano News” by Jennifer Brunk

“The following applications are suitable for beginning readers and most use Spanish in the context of complete sentences. They have high-quality audio and interesting content, and are suitable for a wide range of ages.

  1. Lee Paso a Paso – Learn to Read Spanish Step by Step by BQWare
    This application focuses on the sounds of syllables and how they combine to form words. All words are supported by pictures, so children also acquire vocabulary. Children do not listen to the words in complete sentences, but that is not the focus of the application. It is a game of very effective activities for children learning to read in Spanish.”