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We updated our website

We have updated our website to include all new info about our apps and keep you up to date on all we are doing.


New updates to our apps

We have been working hard updating our apps to comply with Apple’s standards and in the process updated our logo as well.

Trabadas Syllables


Trabadas syllables are formed by a consonant + /l/ or /r/ + vowel. They are the last syllables that children learn and often cause confusion.

Encuentra ejercicios en Lee Paso a Paso con Beto para practicarlas.

Lee Paso a Paso with Beto is out!!!

Our new app is available in the App Store.

Due to the success of our award-winning app Lee Paso a Paso, we have created Lee Paso a Paso Beto. With this new app, you can follow the same methodology used with Lee Paso a Paso to start learning step by step to read in Spanish. Lee Paso a Paso Beto has a new theme and all new games. There are more words and pictures, as well are more syllables and levels to practice. The School Edition of our app has integration to apple’s Schoolwork and of course Apple’s volume discount.

Try the free version with in-app or buy the school edition full version without in-app. Both have the same content.

Let us know what you think!!

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