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Logopedia’s and Autism Apps

Logopedia’s Apps – from (by Laura Martínez)

Recommends “Lee Paso a Paso”, “Lee Paso a Paso 2” y “Sopa de Sílabas” for Phonetics and Syllable Conscious.

Logopeda Paso a Pasito

This article was suggested by “Autismo Madrid” too. This organization supports people with autism at Madrid, Spain.

Autismo Madrid

This digital magazine also recommend our three apps.


New Bloggers recommends our apps (Thank you !)

We found a couple of new bloggers to suggest our apps to their educational activities.

Alberto Abarca with his blog “educational resource for learning the language” called “9 Letters” says:

“A few weeks ago I was commenting here the increasingly frequent use of tablets calls within the educational framework. Today the link from a page that leave you can find some useful applications …



Martha in his blog “The Flight of the Butterflies” includes “Lee Paso a Paso 2” as a tool for literacy exercises.