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“Two Spanish Reading Skills Apps” –

Learning to read can be difficult, and sometimes as parents, we are unsure of exactly how to support our kids’ developing reading skills. That’s why having fun apps to assist us can make us feel more confident and even give us brand-new ideas for learning activities. Lee paso a paso and Lee paso a paso 2 are two great resources to have on your iPhone or iPad for those moments when reading practice with your child becomes a chore.

The first app (Lee Paso a Paso) focuses on matching syllables to pictures to form an entire word and counting syllables. For each letter, children practice beginning sounds as the app continuously asks which of three pictures begins with the given sound. This activity really makes the app multi-step and thus appropriately challenging for a child who already knows basic letter sounds but is in the process of learning to piece them together.

The second app (Lee Paso a Paso 2) is a bit harder. You must form an entire word by choosing the correct sequence of syllables. It’s like a memory game, confirming your choices with matching pictures. As you increase in level, you have more sounds to choose from.

Using these two apps to complement each other will ready your child for more advanced Spanish reading and perhaps relieve some pressure on days when reading seems too daunting a task.

(copy from by Chelsea Torres)