Ortografía Paso a Paso

Did I just see a One-Eyed Monster?

After some experiments done by our little witch Brujis, while she was playing around in the castle, Barry was created, a curious one eye monster who is eager to show us around the castle. Find him hidden around words and catch him as the runs.

Let him teach you some experiments in which he will show you how to write correctly words in Spanish.

In the first experiment, you will need to see through a special “sound” microscope to find the exact place where a syllable sounds stronger in each word. This experiment will help us out with the others, so pay attention.

Enter the laboratory, where floating words have to be contained and dragged to the correct beakers to win the prize flasks. Barry has made it clear to win all the prize flasks, you must follow the rules. He has written down all the rules needed to complete each experiment and hidden some friends in each rule to help you out and give you hints.

Read each rule and look for Barry’s friends, complete each new experiment, and soon you will have mastered accentuation in Spanish, something essential to the correct spelling of Spanish Words, and an easy to learn skill if you know the rules to follow.

The follow-up for the “Lee Paso a Paso” series is finally here. With “Ortografía Paso a Paso” learn through interactive games the basic rules for the accentuation of the Spanish language.

Learn and practice the following concepts:
· Identifying the sílaba tónica
· Words classified as Agudas
· Words classified as Graves or Llanas
· Words classified as Esdrújulas
· Words classified as Sobreesdrújulas
· Accentuation of Agudas, Graves, Esdrújulas and Sobreesdrújulas words.
· Diptongos
· Hiatos

Forgot or never learned spelling rules for Spanish, it is never too late to start, and what better way than with a game.

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