Lee Paso a Paso con Beto

Lee Paso a Paso with Beto allows young children who are starting to read in Spanish learn to read one letter at a time. When following a step by step approach they progress to new letters and words that contain only the letters they have mastered. As they finish a level, a new level opens with a new game or letter to practice. 

Beginner young readers can practice reading too, skipping levels, and choosing which letter to practice.

Use the settings option to change letter display from manuscript to cursive or a type font for dyslexic readers.

Mini-Games to…. 

*Learn skills and achieve prizes 

*Use syllables to form words 

*Match words to pictures 

*Match pictures to words

*Complete words with missing syllables 

*Count syllables in words 

Classkit compatible. Volume Discount Purchase available.

We have also a version with the same content no In-Apps. Great for schools.