Lee Paso a Paso 3

Oh no! One of Brujis’s pets named Bob has left the castle to have fun in its gardens. Come and help him get out of trouble in the adventures he encounters.

Each is full of passages and surprises. Walkthrough the corridors and catch all the syllables you can, to achieve awards and open doors. Collect stars to have greater speed and power so that Bob can pass by the garden’s guardians, watch out for snails, penguins, ants, or bees and avoid … well you’ll soon find out.

When you finish collecting all the syllables, you will be able to open the exit door and face the next challenge. In this final challenge, you must complete all the words shown. Finish the puzzle to save the points which you have achieved and proceed to collect your prize … but be careful, because if you leave the final challenge before it is finished, the points you have collected in the puzzle will be lost.

Well, give it a try and start enjoying this new adventure.

***For parents and teachers ***

Enjoy this new application and continue with the learning exercises from the Lee Paso a Paso series.

There are 8 levels, each one has more than 28 different syllables and the possibility to practice with over 200 words. Listen to the pronunciation of each syllable and word as you play.

There are configuration options to play without background music, and parental controls to configure/access other items in the app.

Our biggest thanks to all schools and parents who have used our apps and helped us continue creating new ones. We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy our games and our children can continue to learn.
Help us with your review in the App Store and your suggestions or comments at support@bqware.com


We have also a version with the same content no In-Apps. Great for schools.

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