Spanish Apps for School


Include apps with exercises to learn to read, reinforce phonemic awareness, dictation, support for dyslexia, and more.

*** Lee Paso a Paso ***

Help children learn the basics Available on the App Store to start reading Spanish. This is NOT just a basic vocabulary Spanish app, with the use of Phonics and a step by step methodology used in many Spanish speaking countries; skills are acquired for reading in Spanish.
Go step by step learning the sounds of vowels, identifying syllables, and their Lee Paso a Paso sounds to form words. The use of images, letters, and words builds skills to read on their own.

*** Lee Paso a Paso 2 ***

Each card has a syllable belonging to a word; turn cards to join syllables and form the word represented in the drawing. But watch out syllables can belong to another word and you will have to start over.
Start reading 2 syllable words and advance through levels to read 3 and 4 syllables words. Levels increase the number of syllables the words are made of and/or the number of cards that are presented.

*** Ortografía Paso a Paso ***

The follow-up for the “Lee Paso a Paso” series is finally here. With “Ortografía Paso a Paso” learn through interactive games the basic rules for the accentuation of the Spanish language.
Learn and practice the following concepts:
· Identifying the sílaba tónica
· Words classified as Agudas
· Words classified as Graves or Llanas
· Words classified as Esdrújulas
· Words classified as Sobreesdrújulas
· Accentuation of Agudas, Graves, Esdrújulas y Sobreesdrújulas words.
· Diptongos
· Hiatos

*** Things to Learn ***

· Choose to answer tests using your stylus or finger to WRITE the answer or if you wish use a keyboard instead. Small children are practicing writing and not very good at typing, take the frustration out of finding keys in a keyboard, and reinforce writing skills. Good typers use a built-in keyboard or wireless keyboard.
· Decide which kind of test fits your needs Spelling, Questionnaires, or Multiple Choice Test all in the same app.
· Create tests in any language, use special characters.
· Capturing questions and recordings is easy all is done on the same screen.
· When taking the test choose to WRITE or TYPE answers, PRACTICE or TEST mode, questions can be in RANDOM o SEQUENTIAL order, test answers can be case sensitive or not.
· After finishing taking the test, decide to retake the questions answered incorrectly or take the whole test again as many times as you want.
· Share the test results with others, if the test is taken in WRITE mode actually get to see your handwriting, when sharing get a complete copy of the test, with questions and answers in PDF format.
· Reinforce learning by easily grading the test yourself when WRITE mode is used or have the answers checked automatically when using TYPE mode.
· Share via email the test with others who have this app; one creates the test, many can use it. Students help each other study, share custom tests with their classmates. Teachers send the weekly spelling list to students; receive feedback on how they are doing when students answer back with the test results. Parents capture the spelling list for your child, have them record the word, and practice the test.
· Create multiple users, organize tests, and assign tests to individuals as needed.

* Bundles do not qualify for Apple’s VPP program, each app must be purchased separately.

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