Lee Paso a Paso Bundle


This is our bundle with all our 3 apps of the “Lee Paso a Paso” Series. For school or enjoy in your house, you can help to your children to get more confidence in the learning process to read. Start with our first app, then you can add a little more fun with the next apps, all of them include exercises to improve your reading skills in Spanish..

*** Lee Paso a Paso ***

Help children learn the basics Available on the App Store to start reading Spanish. This is NOT just a basic Large Blog Imagevocabulary Spanish app, with the use of Phonics and a step by step methodology used in many Spanish speaking countries; skills are acquired for reading in Spanish.
Go step by step learning the sounds of vowels, identifying syllables and their Lee Paso a Paso sounds to form words. With the use of images, letters and words building skills to read on their own.

*** Lee Paso a Paso 2 ***

Each card has a syllable belonging to a word; turn cards to join syllables and form the word represented in the drawing. But watch out syllables can belong to another word and you will have to start over.leePP2icon144
Start reading 2 syllable words and advance through levels to read 3 and 4 syllables words. Levels increase the number of syllables the words are made of and/or the number of cards that are presented.

*** Lee Paso a Paso 3 ***

Enjoy this new application and continue with the learning exercises from the Lee Paso a Paso series. There are 8 levels, each one has more than 28 different syllables and the possibility to practice with over 200 words. Listen to the pronunciation of each syllable and word as you play.leePP2icon144
There are configuration options to play without background music, and parental controls to configure/access other items in the app.

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