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Things to LearnAvailable on the App StoreUse your iPad for something more than games.

Need to study for your English spelling test? No problem! Create a spelling test by typing the words you will be tested on. With T2L you may even record your voice and hear it when you take the test.

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Need to study for your Spanish spelling quiz? Create a spelling test and use the Text to Speech option to hear the spelling words read in Spanish. With over 27 languages to choose from, you can also study for your English, German or Chinese class.
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Need to study word definitions? How about creating a multiple choice test! How about biology? You can create a Q&A test and include pictures and a cool experiment video. T2L also has a flashcard option which will help you memorize things better.

What makes this app unique?

  • * The application is 100 % compatible with Voice Over.

    * Compatible with iPhone / iPad.

    * Supports portrait or landscape orientation.

    * Choose one of the 27 available languages as the Text To Speech default language.

    ** Information is kept within the app and is not shared outside the app.

    * Works offline, no wi-fi connection needed.

  • * Practice tests in Hint, Test or Flashcard mode.

    * Questions can be presented in random or sequential order.

    * Answer questions using a keyboard or writing with your stylus or hand in the digital board.

    * Answers can be case sensitive.

    * Check your answers after finishing the test and practice incorrect answers if needed.

    * History for each test is recorded in the app, see progress.

    * Share results via email.

  • * Create spelling, questionnaires or multiple choice tests.

    * Easy way to organize your tests inside books (folders).

    * Add photos or videos in each question and/or answer.

    * Dictate questions to Siri, finish preparing tests faster.

    * Select from the 27 different Text to Speech languages available.

    ** Share results via AirDrop with No Internet Connection !

  • * Save multiple students in each device.

    * Assign to one or more students each test.

    * Configure up to 2 emails for each student to send results.

    * Select from over 20 predefined pictures or add a photo from your device as a Student Profile.

Choose the way to take the test that best suits your needs by writing the answers using a stylus, your hand or a keyboard. Answer questions in random or sequential order. Grade your test automatically or manually. Retake the whole test or just missed questions. And best of all, send test results to your parents or teachers via e-mail and other supported media.

* Have tests read in over 27 languages (no additional purchases required for different languages)
* No logins or wi-fi required
* Do not limit your study to only flashcards, includes 4 different study styles to choose from.
* Include videos, pictures and sounds in questions and/or answers.
* Print, upload and share test results.
* Create the tests that meet your needs. Great for college students and simple enough for elementary students.

*** try the free version of this app (Things to Learn) with full functionality, but studying for tests is restricted to 4 questions.
*** Things to Learn – School Edition, has all the same functionality with no restrictions and no In-Apps.

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Things to LearnAvailable on the App Store

We have also FREE version, where you can download for free, with some restrictions, and buy all content by In-App option.

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Customer Reviews

  • Version 3.30 (Aug 28, 2017)
    * New app icon
    * New way to write a review
    * The icon has a graduation cap, then the app has an Education Discount from Apple’s Volume Purchase Program
    Thank you for your support, we upgrade all our apps to the newest iOS

    Version 3.20 (Jun 02, 2016)
    * Minor bug fixes.
    * New images in BQWare Apps.

    Version 3.10 (Sep 30, 2015)
    * Minor bug fix when a test type changes from Q&A to Spelling.
    * Minor bug fix when a student is deleted.
    * Optimized for iOS 9.

    Version 3.00 (Aug 6, 2015)
    * User experience redesign improvements.
    * New flashcard option for taking tests.
    * Taking tests is still great for our school users and special needs students.
    * Added support for portrait and landscape orientation.
    * Voice Over is still available for our visual weakness community users.
    * Now share tests and results with AirDrop and other supported media (mail, DropBox, etc.)
    * Test creation has been simplified.
    * Students can order tests by alphabetical order or creation date.
    * IOS 7 or below is no longer supported.

    Version 2.20 (Dec 2, 2014)
    * Optimized for iOS 8.
    * Added to kids section.

    Version 2.11 (Feb 24, 2014)
    * Fix microphone issue when recording a voice in iPad Air

    Version 2.10 (Feb 13, 2014)
    * Added ability to select a photo for the user in users profiles (Thanks for your feedback).
    * Now you can add videos to tests.
    * Reduce app size by eliminating add words from list dictionary. The decision was taken because the app has Text to Speech option. Please give us feedback if anyone misses this feature.
    * Redesign the settings screen.
    * Added configurable promotion screen.
    * Bug Fixes for Voice Over mode.

    Version 2.0 (Nov 15, 2013)
    New features !
    * Text to Speech option choose from 27 different languages. Decide whether to record your voice (iOS 6 or later) or use TTS (iOS 7 or later) in tests.
    * Add images in tests.
    * When using Text to Speech, added functionality that will permit you to hear the complete sentence in the question by replacing blanks with the answer.
    Example: The _____ drank milk. Will be heard as The cat drank milk. Check help section inside the app for more tips.
    * Convert Questionnaire to Multiple Choice test or vice versa.
    * Settings screen redesigned.
    * Compatibility with iOS 6 and 7.
    * iOS 5 is no longer supported.

    Version 1.60 (Sep 12, 2013)
    Thank you for all your suggestions, please continue helping us to improve this app.
    In this release:
    * Added new feedback while recording sounds in “Build Test”.
    * Improve “Share Test” option.
    * Multitouch improvement.
    * Minor bug fixes.

    Version 1.50 (Sep 08, 2013)
    Thank you for all your suggestions, please continue helping us to improve this app.
    * Simplify general navigation of the app.
    * Redesign buttons images.
    * We add more words in English.
    * Added auto-correct in the Build Test option.

    Version 1.31 (Jun 09, 2013)
    * Thanks to your feedback, we continue to improve the app.
    * We did a couple of typographical correction in the list of built-in word and an adjustment in share-test option.

    Version 1.30 (May 16, 2013)
    Thank you for all your suggestions on ways to improve our app, please continue helping us to improve this app (
    In this release:
    * Now you can select from a list of over 1,500 words in English and/or 1,500 words in Spanish to use in spelling tests.
    * Added sound effects when selecting exams and books.
    * Added sound effects when selecting the checkmark or the cross when autocorrecting a test taken in write mode.
    * Sound effects can be turned on and off in the settings section.
    * The creation of new tests is now easier.
    * Fixed a minor bug that made it difficult to select a test when they were more than 8.

    Version 1.20 (Apr 24, 2013)
    * Added buttons with text description inside Taking Test section, to make it easier for children.
    * Minor bug fixed.

    Version 1.10 (Apr 04, 2013)
    * Added new video help.
    * Added the auto assign feature when you create new tests or when they are received via email.
    * Added several example tests in Main Book.

    Version 1.01: (Mar 07, 2013)
    * Minor bug fixed, when tests are created with 1, 2 or 3 questions.

    Version 1.0 (Feb 19, 2013)

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