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Things to LearnAvailable on the App StoreUse your iPad for something more than games.

Need to study for your English spelling test? No problem! Create a spelling test by typing the words you will be tested on. With T2L you may even record your voice and hear it when you take the test.

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Need to study for your Spanish spelling quiz? Create a spelling test and use the Text to Speech option to hear the spelling words read in Spanish. With over 27 languages to choose from, you can also study for your English, German or Chinese class.
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Need to study word definitions? How about creating a multiple choice test! How about biology? You can create a Q&A test and include pictures and a cool experiment video. T2L also has a flashcard option which will help you memorize things better.

What makes this app unique?

Choose the way to take the test that best suits your needs by writing the answers using a stylus, your hand or a keyboard. Answer questions in random or sequential order. Grade your test automatically or manually. Retake the whole test or just missed questions. And best of all, send test results to your parents or teachers via e-mail and other supported media.

* Have tests read in over 27 languages (no additional purchases required for different languages)
* No logins or wi-fi required
* Do not limit your study to only flashcards, includes 4 different study styles to choose from.
* Include videos, pictures and sounds in questions and/or answers.
* Print, upload and share test results.
* Create the tests that meet your needs. Great for college students and simple enough for elementary students.

*** try the free version of this app (Things to Learn) with full functionality, but studying for tests is restricted to 4 questions.
*** Things to Learn – School Edition, has all the same functionality with no restrictions and no In-Apps.

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Things to LearnAvailable on the App Store

We have also FREE version, where you can download for free, with some restrictions, and buy all content by In-App option.

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