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*** 2015 Academics´ Choice Award – Smart Media Winner ***

Challenge yourself by playing a syllable “memory card + word search” style game.
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Join Spike in this new space adventure in which he must travel through 27 missions in order to reach his destiny. Each mission will require the use of special skills to find and complete all the words found in deep space.

In each mission you will have to find and join syllables to complete all the words and finish the task. But be ware new and different challenges await. Time may run out, moves may be counted or correct order must be followed, thankfully Spike has left green marks to help you follow the correct path.

A black hole may appear in some missions and swallow words if they are not completed in time, so stay on your toes and concentrate to finish the missions. Thankfully Spike has also created a practice environment in which you will able to create your own mission and gain skills to complete levels.
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Syllable Word Search uses a unique memory card game and word search style game, that challenges players to form words by searching for syllables. Each of the 27 levels in Syllable Word Search provides increasing challenges to players.Academics Choice Award
The player must complete a level before proceeding to the next. Levels become more challenging as the player advances through the game: the list of words increases, words are presented by topics, 2 to 6 syllable words are introduced, green cards are no longer available, duplicate syllables are presented on the board, among many other challenges.
For advance players, Syllable Word Search has the option to create your own mission. In this option the player selects the characteristics and complexity of the board.

Choose from different game plays:
* 27 levels with different difficultly level
* Boards size varies
* 2 to 6 syllable ENGLISH words
* Listen to the word in one of the 4 pronunciations available (American English, UK English, Australian English, South Africa English)
* Uses Open-Dyslexia font for ease of reading
* Select syllables in order or random order
* Get hints
* Have time limits
* Have card moves limits
* Create your own game with themes and challenges available
* Access over 3700 words and choose from 14 themes
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Syllable Word SearchDisponible en el App Store

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  • Version 2.20 (Aug 18, 2017)
    * New app icon
    * New way to write a review
    * Update our App Store image with a new Apple guidelines
    * From this version, support only for iOS 8 or later
    * The icon has a graduation cap, then the app has an Education Discount from Apple’s Volume Purchase Program
    Thank you for your support, we upgrade all our apps to the newest iOS

    Version 2.10 (Jun 02, 2016)
    Our “Academics´ Choice Award – Smart Media Winner” App was updated.
    * Change the way to select themes in create your own mission section.
    * Update BQWare apps section.

    Version 2.0 ** Major Update ** (May 18, 2015)
    * New Improved graphics and interface was simplified.
    * We added 18 new missions and rebuild preexisting ones.
    * Changed background music.

    Version 1.20 (Nov 26, 2014)
    * Optimized for iOS 8.
    * Added to kids section.
    * iOS 5 is no longer supported.

    Version 1.10 (Feb 11, 2014)
    * Redesign the settings screen.
    * Add configurable promotion screen.
    * Minor bug fix.

    Version 1.0 (Jan 13, 2014)

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