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Enjoy this new adventure inside the garden of Bruji’s castle, help her to collect all the stars and show her that you are capable of completing every task in all levels, no matter the difficulty of the level you play.

Continue improving Spanish reading skills with a “memory card + word search” style game with the continuation of “Lee Paso a Paso”.
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Each card has a syllable belonging to a word; turn cards to join syllables and form the word represented in the drawing. But watch out syllables can belong to another word and you will have to start over.

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Need help? Choose to see the word you are looking for and the missing syllables. Need a greater challenge? Form the word yourself.

Start reading 2 syllable words and advance through levels to read 3 and 4 syllables words. Levels increase the number of syllables the words are made of and/or the number of cards that are presented.

With more than 200 words, 15 levels and 2 mini games reading in Spanish will be fun.

Some comments from Lee Paso a Paso 2 users:

“You can work syllabic awareness through activities in order of increasing difficulty.” – María Benavent, mariabenavent.com

“Good application for reading practice in lower primary…” – Miguel Asensio, eduapps.es

“Among the 50 specialized applications for Speech Therapy” – Laura Martínez,  logopedapasitoapasito.blogspot.com.es

Enjoy the app that has been placed in the Top 10 in all Spanish-speaking countries , including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. Recommended by different speech therapists communities in Spain and teachers in the United States to use in their Spanish classes . Check our website for more information about the recommendations we have ( www.BQWare.com)

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We have also FREE version, where you can download for free, with some restrictions, and buy all content by In-App option.

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