Lee Paso a Paso

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*** Editor’s Choice Award winner, childrenstech.com ***

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Lee Paso a PasoHelp children learn the basics Available on the App Store to start reading Spanish. This is NOT just a basic vocabulary Spanish app, with the use of Phonics and a step by step methodology used in many Spanish speaking countries; skills are acquired for reading in Spanish.

Go step by step learning the sounds of vowels, identifying syllables and their Lee Paso a Paso sounds to form words. With the use of images, letters and words building skills to read on their own.


*** Great for kids who speak Spanish as a first language and are just starting to read
*** Great for kids and adults who are learning Spanish as a second language, helps them with vocabulary, identifying sounds of letters and words as well as reading.
*** More than 220 images and over 880 words make reading fun

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Mini Games to….

*Learn skills and achieve prizes
*Use syllables to form words
*Match words to pictures
*Complete words with missing syllables
*Count syllables in words

*Free Light Version also available for Lee Paso a Paso

Currently 30 letters and 131 syllables covered, more to come in future updates

Choose different levels of difficulty
Level 1 … Step by step… Follow a methodology to Learn step by step one letter at a time; earn prizes as you advance thru the games.
Level 2 … Practice…. Choose which letter to practice, have a greater range of words and images to practice with.
Level 3 … Expert … Choose which game to practice, all the letters and images are presented in the game in no specific order.

Help us with a good review in the App Store and any comments or suggestions please send them to support@bqware.com

Lee Paso a Paso FREEAvailable on App Store

We have also Free version, where you can download for free, with some restrictions, and buy all content by In-App option.

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Customer Reviews

  • Version 2.30 (Nov 26, 2014)
    * Optimized for iOS 8.
    * Added to kids section.
    * iOS 5 is no longer supported.

    Version 2.20 (Feb 06, 2014)
    * Redesign the settings screen.
    * Added configurable promotion screen.
    * Improve sound performance.

    Version 2.10 (Nov 07, 2013)
    * Full compatibility with iOS 7.

    Version 2.00 (Aug 21, 2013)
    Thank you for your support, Lee Paso a Paso is celebrating its first year !
    * Updated look for background and some images.
    * Bug fix in restart option.

    Version 1.50 (Mar 12, 2013)
    * All letters are finished !
    * Additionally, we improve the sound quality of all words.
    Enjoy it !!

    Version 1.25 (Nov 11, 2012)
    – Improvements in performance with HD images.
    – Minor bug fix for ipods.

    Version 1.2 (Oct 31, 2012)
    – Compiled for full iOS 6 compatibility
    – Added 6 more complete exercises letters (v, f, j, ñ, rr, z)
    – Added 44 more images
    – Added more than 220 new words and their sounds

    Version 1.1 (Sep 20, 2012)
    * We heard your comments and added access to levels 2 (practice) and 3 (expert) so you may try them out with a limited set of words.
    * We added a Review Button in the Settings section. We want to hear your feedback.
    * We adjusted the help arrow in “Spider Game” to avoid confusion.

    Version 1.0 (Aug 21, 2012)

Additional Screenshots

App Store Video Preview

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